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Autopace Distributors was Established in Perth, Western Australia in 1994. From the oustset, Autopace, found itself supplying Exhaust Shops with parts, accessories and materials needed for bolt-on and custom Exhaust work. Autopace was one of Perth’s best solutions to Automotive Exhaust supply at the wholesale level.

Since then, we have grown into supplying the Australia with leading exhaust and automotive brands that we all love and trust.

We are the proud Western Australian Distributors for Pacemaker Headers and their ever growing 4×4 range, King Brown Exhausts. Pacemaker has been producing the countries finest Headers and Exhaust Systems since the late 70’s!

The other major brands we supply are names such as Racecraft, Magnaflow, Flowmaster etc.

Our massive range of exhaust accessories include :-

V-band Clamp Kits, Exhaust Tube and Mandrel Bends in :- 409, 304 & 316 Stainless Steel and also Mild Steel. Ranging in sizes from as small as 1.5” all the way up to 4”. We can also source sizes outside of these ranges too.

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse with all the new trends and parts in the automotive exhaust industry. Additionally, we also perform custom work in -house in our fully optioned workshop to the rear of the warehouse. Our custom work is second to none and comes in very handy for customers who want something outside the norm or simply cannot find something on the shelf that will satisfy their needs. Only ‘works of art’ leave the Autopace workshop.

Other services we offer other than our friendly advice is a dedicated metro delivery service completely run in house. This enables us to do what most places can’t when using the general run of the mill style courier companies. Not only can we arrange prompt deliveries but we also have the ability to place high priority deliveries first to help in those sticky situations. As well as make last minute changes to aid our customer needs.

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